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1000’s of Pitchers have used the command the Pro Pitching Institute teaches to revitalize their pitching careers. 


Who is the Pro Pitching Institute?

The Pro Pitching Institute is the ONLY baseball coaching organization who truly teaches command.

 Command is easy to see. Either you deliver the ball directly into your Catcher’s mitt or you don’t. It’s that simple and, once you enroll, you’ll realize why Pro Pitching Institute Pitchers perform this feat much more often than any other Pitchers.

As one of the largest and most successful online coaching platforms in the World, the Pro Pitching Institute makes expert Pitching Instruction accessible, affordable, convenient - so anyone with command issues can get help, anytime, anywhere.

We’ve singlehandedly changed the way Pitchers face their command struggles.
By providing convenient, discreet and affordable access to an expert Pitching Coach, we make professional coaching available anytime, anywhere, through a computer, tablet or smartphone.

We fully understand that everyone has an opinion about how you can improve your command. Unfortunately, because none of what they say works, you’re thinking the Pro Pitching Institute can’t possibly do what others are unable to do???

Our “Performance Protection Plan” sets us apart from everyone else!

For 20+ years, we’ve offered a “Performance Protection Plan" and we’re still around!!!
Under this plan, should you feel the Pro Pitching Institute fails to produce the incremental command improvement you expect, just drop Skip an email, tell him where we failed you and, within 24 hours, he’ll refund $10 a month for every month you’ve been in the program!

The Pro Pitching Institute is changing a coaching climate that's long due for an overhaul.

How does online coaching work?

Once enrolled, you’re assigned a free, personal Pro Pitching Institute portal that uses the following tools to develop and sustain your command!

  • Unlimited text messaging

Enrollment comes with a private and dedicate portal where you write about yourself, the things going on with your pitching, ask questions and discuss things that concern you. Your Coach reads your messages, and responds with questions, feedback, insights, and guidance.

You exchange messages with your Coach at any time, from anywhere, using any Internet-connected device. You can do this 24/7.

  •  Unlimited phone calls

No matter where you are, at any time, you can use a landline or cell phone to speak with your Coach. As long as your Coach is available, he’ll talk to you on the spot. When your Coach is busy, you may need to leave a voice message or use text messaging to schedule a future call.

  • Unlimited video uploads

When you have a video you want to send your Coach, you drop and drag the video into your personal Pro Pitching Institute portal, attach a note and send the message/video to your Coach.

  • Real-time video conferencing, $10/session

With video sessions, you and your Coach see and talk to each other in a virtual face-to-face setting like Facetime and Skype from any room in your house, your backyard, your basement or, though not necessary, your local baseball field.

You prepare for your video session by positioning your video device where your Coach can see your starting position and your movement away from the rubber. Your Coach analyzes your motion, recommends adjustments and will always ask you to demonstrate your new skills into your device.

Once you agree on how you’ll think about your new movements, you document your new skills in a text message on your portal. You make these new skills natural and automatic by scheduling 2-3 minutes a day to perform the simple homework your Coach assigns. To give your instruction some continuity, prior to your next session, your Coach uses your last session’s notes as the starting point for your new session.

- Pitchers who live near Philadelphia, PA can request In-Person Instruction. 
Outdoor, in-person instruction occurs at Alycon Park, Pitman, NJ. During the Winter months and in inclement weather, for an additional $10 per session, you receive the same expert instruction at Pro Pitching Institute@The Total Turf Experience, 614 Lambs Rd, Pitman, NJ 08071. 

- How we coach my motion without seeing your results? 
Your motion produces your results and, when you come out of your starting position with an upright core, you predictably deliver more pitches directly into your Catcher’s mitt than a Pitcher with a tilted core. When we see your core orientation as you move down the mound, we understand what drove your core orientation and, better yet, know how to teach you to keep your core upright as you move down the mound.   

  • Plus much, much more!!!

Based upon your needs, you use any platform in any combination at any time. Each of these methods is included in your $10 monthly membership fee at no additional charge.

The Pro Pitching Institute takes total responsibility for teaching you “how to” command your next pitch!

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Pro Pitching Institute

How do you know the Pro Pitching Institute is right for you?

The Pro Pitching Institute is right for you when...

  • After one session with your current Coach, your worst misses fail to end up any closer to your target than prior to your session.
  • You can't regularly put 2 good outing back-to-back.
  • You understand how critical command is to your success and you don’t know anyone who can permanently solve your command issues.
  • When something is preventing you from sending your pitches directly into your Catcher’s mitt and you don't know what that "something" is?

The simple pitching foundation you receive from the Pro Pitching Institute produces high level command!!!

Enroll right now!

Continuity and collaboration promote success.

Your ability to read every note written in your personal Pro Pitching Institute portal is a huge advantage. Your notes …

  • Give your instruction continuity.
  • Help you recall the skills that did and did not work.
  • Reinforce your agreed-upon current movements,
  • Turn your motion into a highly effective and very repeatable process and
  • Prompt you to ask yet unanswered questions.

Only with the Pro Pitching Institute will you find the constant flow of information so critical to your success.

The Pro Pitching Institute is even more effective than in-person instruction.

Your results can drive your motion, or your motion can drive your results. You get more sustainable results with the latter.

With in-person instruction, there’s the very human tendency for your Coach to let your results drive his instruction. With in-person instruction, your Coach must overcome the powerful temptation to use your last pitch to measure his coaching ability. When one thing fails to work, he tries something else? By the end of your session, you’ve developed a “feel” for getting each pitch to do what your Coach asked, but, sadly, the next time you take the mound, this “feeling” will be impossible to repeat.   

With the Pro Pitching Institute, your motion drives sustainable command. Since an expert Pro Pitching Institute Coach only sees your movements into your front leg, our Coaches coach your motion, not your results.

The pitching experts at the Pro Pitching Institute make sure your movements produce your results, not the other way around!

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