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All about our innovative and highly impactful Kinematic FaceTime Sessions

  • In a single FaceTime session, we use your kinematic responses to show you a simple, concise and effective front leg lift that'll permanently locate every pitch for the rest of your pitching career. 
  • Your Kinematic FaceTime sessions enhance (and not replace) your current pitching instruction. (To avoid coaching conflicts with other well-intentioned Coaches, we welcome you using us as a clearing house. You let us know what your Coach wants and we'll let you know whether what your Coach wants creates a kinematic conflict that'll negatively impact your current results!)
One-Month Kinematic
FaceTime Subscription
One-Time Kinematic
FaceTime Session
Annual Extensions
Cost $80 $40 $240
Duration One Month One Session One Year
Kinematic FaceTime Sessions1 Unlimited FaceTime Sessions One FaceTime Session $20/FaceTime Session
Collaboration App2 6-month access 2-month access One Year Access
Video Uploads Unlimited during subscription 2 Uploads Unlimited during subscription
Follow-up3 Phone, Text, E-mail Text Only Phone, Text, E-mail
Weekly Blogs 6-month access 2-month access One Year Access
Guarantee4 Yes Yes Not Applicable

1 Kinematic FaceTime Sessions - For Pitchers living near the Delaware Valley, in-person sessions are also available. Call me to discuss a mutually agreed-upon field and time.
2 Collaboration App – Kinematic FaceTime sessions are more about how you think about the way you want your body to move. To keep your thinking on track, every enrollment includes a subscription to the Pro Pitching Institute Digital Collaboration App. After and between pitching sessions, you use your app to tell us what felt right, what felt uncomfortable and whether your results are what you expect. You can even use this app to drop, drag and send your pitching motion videos to us.
3 Follow-up – Your instruction is so simple that there’s a real temptation to over-think and over-complicate our recommendations. The thinking behind your kinematically-driven instruction is flawless. To protect you from overthinking the thought-process behind your FaceTime session, our collaboration app gives you a way to reinforce the simple principles you hear.
4 Guarantee - When you enroll for a Kinematic FaceTime session, if you feel we failed to improve your results or your motion, just drop "Skip" an email, tell him why you want your enrollment reimbursed and he’ll refund your membership. No hassles!

When your kinematics drive your pitching, you immediately feel a difference and others will notice how much better your results are than Pitchers competing for the same next-level openings.

Pitcher and Batter

Is your Coach experimenting with your pitching future?

Once your FaceTime session shows us your kinematic responses, within that pitching session, we give you a way to permanently use your lower body to get your worst misses to finish within your Catcher's body. 

We present our one session solution as proof that your Coach isn't teaching, he's getting paid to experiment with your motion.

An experimental Coach coaches to your results. Your Coach tells you what he wants you to do, you try to do it and, based upon your results, he tells you what to change on your next motion. What you don't realize is that he's looking for patterns within your (and every Pitching he teaches) results that'll give him a better understanding of the cause and effects within a pitching motion. He's experimenting with your future!!!

Sadly, you follow your Coach's lead. Your performance becomes results oriented. You use your last pitch result to determine your next pitch motion? 

Stop wasting your time (and money) with senseless experimentation and let your FaceTime session begin your journey to pitching excellence!

There’s a reason you rarely see Pitchers dominate all the time!

Once you complete your kinematically-driven FaceTime session, you’ll realize your results came from learned, yet toxic, thought patterns. 

Your kinematically-driven FaceTime session replaces your disruptive thoughts with messages that’ll optimize your footwork, make your motion less stressful and produce the remarkable results you always knew you had within you.

Once you complete your kinematic FaceTime session, sustainably excellent location, enhanced throwing arm speed and a deceptive arm action turn from hopes into expectations.

Our kinematically-driven FaceTime sessions give you everything you’ve been frantically searching for.