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To achieve lasting pitching success, manage your kinematic reactions.

Pitchers with even the slightest of kinematic flaws means you …

Lack lower body involvement: When you throw all upper body, you make some movement that forces a kinematic response where, because you use your throwing arm with your balance, you make it physically impossible for your glove side to engage your lower body.

Our Kinematic FaceTime sessions show you how keep your glove arm free to instantly and instinctively force your lower body activity to pull your throwing arm into release.

Rush/Fly Open/Overthrow:  When some kinematic reaction makes you feel like your body is ahead of your throwing arm, your throwing arm drags, your body rushes and you produce a constantly high, flat or weakly thrown result.

Our Kinematic FaceTime sessions automatically force your throwing arm to be in synch with the rest of your body.

Become inconsistent: Some days your mechanics work, other days they don’t.  Consequently, you never really know what you have on a given day and you can only hope for sustainably excellent results.  Sometimes you "accidently" run into cues that work, but these cues don't last.  You hop from one "miracle cure" to the next, but nothing works permanently.

Our Kinematic FaceTime sessions immediately brings tremendous consistency to your movements.

Fail to stay on top of the ball: Your failure to naturally “get on top of the ball” is a kinematic response that produces fewer ground balls, more fly balls and more of these fly balls turning into home runs.

Our Kinematic FaceTime sessions teach you how to naturally stay “on top” of each pitch.

Make constant adjustments: Your kinematics generate good and bad streaks.  Based on the kinematic results you see from your previous pitch, you consciously adjust your release point (which changes your kinematic responses?) on every pitch.

Our Kinematic FaceTime sessions turn your throwing action into a very natural and extremely powerful involuntary throwing reflex.

Muscle up on the ball: Instead of kinematic responses initiating the "effortless" feel you know you should have, your kinematic responses give you no choice but to muscle every pitch toward your target.

Our Kinematic FaceTime sessions use your hip orientation to turn your throwing action into an effortless and totally spontaneous outcome.

With our kinematic wizardry, you can truly excel on the mound!

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Temporary adjustments or a permanent solution … you decide?

You may think your worst misses just happen, but you now know, when your kinematic responses promote a "linear" motion, you let your unacceptable results become your normal.

You have a choice? You temporarily improve your next pitch result by changing your throwing arm slot or you permanently upgrade your results by correcting your kinematic responses into your front leg lift.

When you regularly miss your target outside your catcher’s body and your coach fails to first (1) address your foot placements, then (2) manage your back-leg orientation and finally (3) tackle how you lift your front leg, you need a Kinematic FaceTime session to make sustainable excellence your new norm!

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How you think impacts your kinematic responses.

A Pitcher who manages their thoughts … Our Kinematic FaceTime sessions teach you how to manage the messages you send to your brain. When we do this, we use your hip alignment to keep your throwing arm free to kinematically respond to your lower body. Finally, we count on your kinematics to consistently pull your throwing hand through a consistenlty productive and highly competitive release window. 
Our Kinematic FaceTime sessions put you in a position to genuinely challenge every hitter on every pitch.

A Pitcher who lets their thoughts manage them … When you try to move the way a supposed expert recommends, some movement forces your kinematics to end your front leg lift with your hips tilted. When you allow this to happen, as a kinematically-driven response, you use your throwing arm for balance, detach your lower body from your upper body, expand your target area and, in the end, let your opponent control you.

You can let so-called experts complicate your performances or you can use our Kinematic FaceTime sessions to easily achieve the results you’ve been looking all along.

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