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These are the warning signs you’re treating your “biomarkers” as controllable actions!

  • You can't get more than 2 consecutive pitches to travel directly into your Catcher’s mitt.
  • You struggle to keep your Team close enough to win every game you pitch.
  • You hope your fastball doesn't end up over the plate.
  • You don't know how to bridge the gap between your best and worst outings.

We use your "biomarkers" to reverse this alarming trend and, at the same time, guarantee elite pitching success!

We turn you into the extraordinary pitcher you always dreamed you’d be!

Our 100+ blogs give even more insights into your pitching.

You measure our instruction by our ability to get you to deliver every pitch directly into your Catcher’s mitt.

With us, your bullpen sessions are for reinforcing and refining your skills. During your bullpen sessions, we teach you to look for and keep specific physical indicators ("biomarkers)  within predetermined norms. We know, and you’ll come to expect, that when your see these physical cues, with little or no physical effort, every one of your pitches ends up traveling directly into your Catcher’s target.

We turn you into the extraordinary pitcher you always dreamed you’d be!

Our 100+ blogs supply even more pitching insights.

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There’s only one way to measure your results … and it’s not your stats! 

Here's why measuring your improvement through your stats is flawed?

Lots of times you’re better than your stats!
Picture a pitch where your Catcher places his target in an unhittable spot, your pitch goes directly into your Catcher’s mitt, but your Opponent drives your pitch for a hit. In this case, your stats falsely imply you’re much worse than you really are?

Lots of times you’re much worse than your stats!
Stats fail to measure a pitch where you miss your Catcher’s target over the plate, yet your Opponent misses the ball. In this case, you get away with making a bad pitch, but your stats tell a much better story?

Especially during bullpen sessions, using your stats to measure a motion completely wastes your time!
When you use stats as a measurement, there’s no criteria to accurately gauge your progress? Without a hitter swinging at your pitches, how can you separate your good pitches from the bad? With stats, you essentially walk out of your bullpen sessions the same pitcher you were when you began your session?

We give you elite command by choice, not by chance.

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