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The Pro Pitching Institute is an authorized Power Showcase Northeast Region recruiter.

This is your chance to get noticed!

What: 2018 13th Annual Power Showcase

When:  December 27 – 30, 2018

Where: Marlins Park, Miami, FL

Power Showcases offer the pitching experience of a lifetime.

  • Receive a personal highlight video, professional photo package and Power Showcase uniform.
  • Experience what it's like to pitch off a Major League mound in a Major League stadium.
  • Test yourself against the best hitters in your age bracket.
  • Show talent-thirsty Professional and Collegiate scouts what you can do.

while having the time of your life.

As you receive Major League treatment, Power Showcases solidify your pitching future!

I invite you to check out the highlight videos for these Pitchers ...

... now, read on to find out how I make sure you show everyone the elite skills others struggle to display!

Contact me to get more information about this event! 

This is how you're going to do better than everyone else.

Based upon the pitching motion seen in each video, every Pitcher you see can only hope for consistently suitable location and sharp movement.

Why this won't be you?

With a commitment to this Power Showcase, at no cost to you, I'll teach you how to deliver every pitch to the location and with the movement your Team expects.

This means you come into your Showcase with the sustainable skills no participant has, yet everyone wants to have!

Contact me to find out how I know this!

Pro Pitching Institute

Once you commit, your Showcase preparation looks like this.

  • We spend at least a half-hour a week reviewing last week's pitching activities and developing a pitching plan for the upcoming week.
  • You commit to performing 3-4 minutes of homework a day.
  • You send me any new pitching motion videos.
  • Someone close to you charts your pitches.
  • You freely use the digital tool I provide to stay in constant touch with me.
  • You make sure to tell me what's on your mind and how your feel.
  • You ask questions.
If you take this agenda to heart, you'll have a better time at this event than you can ever imagine!

Contact me to talk about next steps!