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Baseball Players

My edge is the way I manipulate your current pitching mechanics.

Our edge is teaching Pitchers footwork that has their subconscious sensing lower body balance at the top of their front leg lift.

1.      Their lower body balance frees their front shoulder to fire their hips.
2.      Their hip rotation forces the Pitcher’s front foot to hit the ground with their weight clearly to the glove hand side of center.
3.      Their glove side weight distribution forces their subconscious which processes information 500,000 times faster than your conscious mind to spontaneous channel their energy from the ground into and out of their throwing hand fingers.

By teaching lower body balance into at the top of a Pitcher’s front leg lift, I turn every throwing action into a subconscious reaction to the Pitcher's weight distribution at foot plant.

My edge is knowing how to create lower body dominance.

The body position associated the way a pitcher's front foot hits the ground becomes a reliable predictor of sustainability.

Sustainable pitching performances come from using the Pitcher's subconscious to get the Pitcher to use their open front shoulder at their foot to force the Pitcher to pull their throwing arm through a very tight release window.

Pitchers I work with know how much more sustainable their performances become when their pitching mechanics force them to land their foot plant with their front shoulder open to their target.

My edge is knowing the predictable physical cues that make sustainability a foregone conclusion.

A Pitcher's subconscious gives off very subtle, yet easily interpreted, balance-related physical indicators.

 I use a Pitcher's mechanics to tell me what movements to adjust to better use their lower body for balance into their front leg lift.

 I use the Pitcher's indicators to make sure the Pitcher keeps their arms free to trigger their spontaneous and naturally productive foot plant.

 I use the way a Pitcher's body works to guarantee sustainability.

Pitcher and Batter

I take sustainable excellence to a new level.

With a pitching strategy that teaches a Pitcher how to manage their subconscious, the Pitcher discovers how to take sustainable excellence to a new level.

In a very brief time, the Pitcher knows how to use the appropriate skill sets to simplify what seems to be a very complex event into a few very measurable and very productive skills.

By managing your subconscious, a Pitcher's personal dreams and hopes for Team success become a reality.

I teach you how to use a collaborative, systematic and field-tested approach that uses what the Pitcher's subconscious tells them to present the most appropriate solution at the right time, keep the Pitcher focused on what counts and turn the Pitcher into a decidedly efficient and very functional pitching machine.

My edge becomes your edge.

The Pitchers I work with understand what others don’t see.

I built the Pro Pitching Institute around the predictable feedback loops that make up an athlete's simple behavioral rules.

- I turn what-seems-to-be impossible-to-control and terribly complex pitching mechanics into a very simple, extremely sustainable, and very teachable event.
- I use the predictable ways I see a Pitcher’s body react to their current state of balance to make the Pitcher's results consistently awesome!
- I develop (1) an interactive approach with (2) weighted choices and (3) field-tested interactions that (4) guarantee sustainability.

Pitchers can’t expect poor outcomes to disappear without turning their attention to their subconscious reactions.