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We've found pitching’s “holy grail”.

Pitching is about understanding—and then managing—how your subconscious digests the sensory information you create.

After spending 2 decades figuring out why and how your subconscious physical cues your produces the pitching results you see, we've earned the right to hold pitching’s “holy grail”.

The core to every functional pitching motion is a stone-cold, rational event. “What movements do you have to make to get your subconscious to produce an exceptionally efficient and very sustainable pitching outcome? “

By systematically managing your movements, we replicate your subconscious patterns so precisely that we can get you to reproduce pitching events with near-certainty.

Ask us to give you the edge you’ve been searching for!

Pitcher and Batter

Our Edge

We offer more than simple pitching solutions. The way we analyze your movements allow us to pick up on even the smallest flaws. As we remove these imperfections, we develop a naturally productive and very personal throwing strategy.

We help everyone

Even the most seasoned pitchers benefit from a little extra help. Whether you're a little leaguer looking to make an All-Star team or pitcher fighting for a spot on the big club, we have the edge you need to dominate opponents. Backed by decades of experience, we provide advice tailored to your exact motions. With Pro Pitching Institute on your side, you can hit the field with confidence.

We Guarantee Worth

We're dedicated to improving your overall pitching strategy. While we focus on body motions and small fixes, we strive to help you see the bigger picture. When your Coach makes a strategic visit to the mound, you know how to execute what your Coach wants with confidence.

Why Pro Pitching Institute?

Right now, something's stopping you from throwing back-to-back dominant outings. No matter how hard you work during your bullpen sessions, something seems to stand in your way when you get on the mound. With our help, we remove these obstacles so you can dominate all the time. 

We take the emphasis off of your results and put your focus on your execution. With this instruction philosophy, you harness your abilities and become truly unstoppable.