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Your conscious mind doesn’t feel your subconscious making adjustments. 

Subtle imbalances go undetected by your conscious mind. 

Your subconscious gets your body back in balance by automatically altering your current movements. Since this is such a natural occurrence throughout your life, you don’t feel these delicate subconscious adjustments, but a trained observer sees the physical cues associated with every adjustment.

I recommend Pitchers not coach themselves.
1. Your subconscious adjustments always feel natural.  When a Pitcher coaches themselves, they're forced to use their results to determine whether an adjustment is worthwhile?
2. Unless a Pitcher is trained to know which physical cues belong to which actions and whether what they see is an action or a reaction, their improvement follows a very long learning curve. 
3. Since properly managing a Pitcher's subconscious revolves around what you see, Pitchers trying to coach themselves are wasting their time.

You’re used to a “You need to….” Coach.

The approach a “You need to….” Pitching Instructor takes tells you they deny, ignore or don’t know how to manage your subconscious. “You need to …” Coaches tell you what you "need to" do and leave it up to you to figure out how to get your subconscious to produce the predictable reactions your Coach wants to see. Should you choose to work with a “You need to...” Coach, you blame yourself for your failures.  

I’m an “I need to get you to…” Pitching Instructor.

As an “I need to get you to…”, I use your subtle physical cues as a tool to manage your subconscious to produce the predictable reactions that instantly generate your sustainably exceptional results. I take full responsibility for your sustainable excellence, accelerate your learning curve, and give you a chance to take your competitive career to the highest levels.

When you work with me, I'll use your physical cues to correct inefficiencies before you even realize they exist.

I have the guts to stand behind my ability to effectively manipulate your subconscious!

My expertise as a manipulative Pitching Instructor lets me offer a full money-back guarantee.

Expect me to meet these 3 criteria… 

The Eye Test – A Pitcher's motion will look more fluid and more efficient than with their past Coaches and
The Effort Test – A Pitcher will use less physical effort to produce better results than with their current Pitching Coach and
The Results Test – A Pitcher's worst pitches will end up consistently closer to their target than with their past Coaches...

or, if I can’t make a simple fix to make these things a reality, you have every right to ask for your money back!

There's only one industry-leading, service guarantee and it belongs to me!

Pitching Training



I teach by showing Pitchers and Little League/Parent Coaches how to manage their subconscious to produce results going far beyond their already lofty expectations.


Pitchers discover how us their subconscious to build and maintain a functionally sustainable, injury resistant and very competitive pitching performances.


All pitching instruction goes through readily available apps.  No matter whether a Pitcher learns how to pitch through demonstration, seeing or experiencing new skills, I use the app that'll give the Pitcher the information, tools and trouble-shooting ability to produce sustainably excellent performances every time they take the mound. 


Personal Coaching, whether in-person or someone pointing a digital device at the Pitcher, I take full responsibility for showing the Pitcher how to produce sustainable excellence. 
In-Person pitching instruction takes place minutes from Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia at the Total Turf Experience, 614 Lambs Rd., Pitman, NJ, 08071.


I measure a Pitcher's movements through their physical cues and how their motion looks.  Pitchers measure my program by how much less effort they put into producing better results and, by merely executing their motion the way we agree upon, how much better their stat line becomes.

Stop putting up with frustrating pitching performances and ask for my help today!!!