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You have 2 Options, Only 1 works!

After 20+ years of studying the pitching biology, once we put your predictable subconscious patterns in the right order, you’ll use less effort to be more dominant than you ever dreamed possible!

We use your subconscious to channel the energy from your lower body into your throwing arm...

  • Your lower body is going to pull your throwing hand through the same consistently tiny release window (command).
  • The additional energy from your lower body will cause you to naturally maximize your throwing arm speed (velocity),
  • Your throwing action will always make your Opponent think a fastball (deception) and your ball will naturally break just in front of the plate (late ball movement).
  • Your natural energy flow will keep your throwing arm ligaments intact (injury resistant).

When you ignore your subconscious reactions, your subconscious will block your lower body energy from moving into your throwing arm...

  • Your throwing arm working by itself will force you to change your arm slot to find your target (unpredictable command),
  • Your velocity will come from you rotating your Shoulders around your Head as quickly as possible (maximum velocity?),
  • Your off-speed pitches will require a change in throwing arm speed (tipped pitches),
  • Your ball takes a more predictable path to the plate (less deception) and
  • Your every time you change your arm slot you create the small throwing arm ligament tears and fraying that lead to throwing arm distress (injury prone).

At Pro Pitching Institute, we’re in the business of building your motion around your subconscious reactions. We draw on years of coaching experience to give you a competitive advantage that’ll leave opponents stunned. With our help, you're sure to master the game and gain an edge over the competition.

Risk-Free Instruction

By managing your subconscious reactions, we help you sharpen your skills and overcome pitching challenges. We're confident that our programs will teach you how to pitch with ease. That's why we guarantee sustainable success. Our programs are open to pitchers of all levels, including:

• Minor Leaguers
• Free Agents
• Collegiate Pitchers
• High School Pitchers
• Little Leaguers
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Guaranteed Improvement

Whether you prefer show us your movement through a digital device or in-person, by combining the tools you already possess, we guarantee immediate improvement and, by the end of your first couple of lessons, give you a renewed sense of optimism about your future as a pitcher. Our program:

• Shrink YourTarget Area • Increase Energy in Your Throwing Arm • Reduce Your Performance Stress