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Pro Pitching Institute Program Info.

Pro Pitching Institute Membership... 
$180 (4 monthly payments of $45)

Your Core Membership gives you access to our field-tested and highly successful instructional program ...

Once enrolled, we begin with 4 personal (digital or in-person in Pitman, NJ) pitching sessions with Skip.

As you would expect from any Master Pitching Coach, you complete your first session knowing 3-4 simple, yet explosive, skills that'll instantly make your performances closer to being sustainably excellent. 

Next step... you take your new skills to the bullpen/competition, make a video of their bullpen/competitive motion and send the video to Skip. 

Skip uses the video to reinforce or refine the adjustments presented in the last session and drive the skills that'll be presented in the next session... and we begin the process all over again!

We guarantee each performance becomes progressively more sustainably excellent!

$10/month extends your membership and grants you these outstanding membership benefits.... 

Activity With Membership Non-Member
Focused Introduction proven to show you how to harness your subconscious. As you move through their 4-personal coaching with Skip, you discover and become comfortable with knowing that using less effort to present better results is possible. Pitchers spend $180 for 4 sessions with another instructor where they leave their session feeling good about their results, but, 2 days later, lose what they had during their last pitching session.
The Pro Pitching Institute Apps Free Pitchers and Coaches use multiple apps for coach training to get less information.
Monthly Insights Free Good luck finding monthly insights directly related to the Pitcher’s personal instruction.
Video Analysis Free $10/ analysis
Video Conferencing Free - no time limits $15/conference - limited to 10 minutes
Virtual/In-Person Sessions One-on-One Sessions - $10/pitcher One-on-One Sessions - $45/pitcher
Virtual/In-Person Group Sessions $5/pitcher $100/hour
Network Events $10/pitcher $50/pitcher for in-person sessions 
$25/pitcher for web-based events

No matter where you live, when we see how your body reacts to itself, we put sustainability at your fingertips!!

Our worldwide presence.

Whether we stand right next to you or see your motion through a digital device, we're a pitching coach who sees and analyzes your subconscious behaviors in real-time, tells you what we saw and shows you how to use our copyrighted collateral material to make each delivery more sustainable than the last.

Readily-available technology makes instruction seamless.

On-Line Instruction – We connect with each other through your digital device. Once connected, someone points your camera in your direction and, just as if we were standing right next to you, we see in real-time how your subconscious controls your movements.

In-Person Instruction – In-person instruction is for Pitchers living in or willing to travel to the Philadelphia Area.  All In-person sessions take place at the Total Turf Experience in Pitman, New Jersey (15 short minutes east of Philadelphia).

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Everyone else would love to do what we do!

The Pro Pitching Institute Sustainability Network revolves around two decades of finding a straightforward way to teach Pitchers how to produce and volunteer Coaches how to develop a sustainable and healthy pitching motion.

 More about the Pro Pitching Institute.

By combining the way your body works with 21st Century technology, the Pro Pitching Institute guarantees an exceptionally sustainable pitching motion that's proven give their Team a better chance to win. 

The Pro Pitching Institute uses world-class instruction, photos and video to produce next-level results right now.  You accomplish this on your desk-top, mobile device or in-person! 

To make sure every Pitcher has an opportunity to be successful, instead of experiencing expense airfares, hotel costs or registration fees, we use readily available apps to make real-time, one-on-one, pitching instruction an economical alternative to all Pitchers!

Once enrolled, you gain immediate access to a pitching Coach with the common-sense details, steps, key points, common problems, corrections and tools to produce sustainable pitching success.

You owe it to yourself and your Team to know, everytime you take the mound, you'll have an excellent performance... enroll in the Institute today!!!