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We Succeed Together

Only mature Coaches realize the Pitcher they put on the mound represents their ability to teach sustainable pitching success.  

For the Pro Pitching Institute to survive, this means our focus has to be on making you the best Pitcher you can be.  

Your future/our future depends upon our obsession with getting you to regularly dominate your Opponent today and having the skills to outperform next-level Pitchers in the future!!! 

Our programs take away all reasons for you to not surpass your pitching dreams!

  •  Should finances currently be a barrier?  
    Our programs charge less so you can learn more in a shorter time than you ever thought possible.
  • Should a lack of quality Coaching stand in your way?
    No matter where in the World you live, you’re only an Internet connection away from your Pro Pitching Institute pitching lesson.
  • Should your inability to receive timely follow-up be an obstacle?
    Our innovative suite of Internet-based solutions put as at your fingertips 24/7.

 Once you become a Pro Pitching Institute Pitcher, we refuse to be the reason you fail.

When you step onto the pitcher's mound, we give you an edge that your opponent won't expect. At Pro Pitching Institute, our one-of-a-kind program enhances your skills, bolsters your pitching strategy and give you what it takes to win. From online coaching to group pitching instruction, we have you covered. When you step onto the pitcher's mound, you need an edge that your opponent won't expect. 

You Have Yet to Experience What We Offer

Like the Uber and Airbnb, the Pro Pitching Institute combines an innovative suite of Internet-based solutions with an elite coaching and $10 pitching sessions to guarantee every Pitcher, no matter their age, current skill level or where they live, sustainable pitching excellence.
Because no one does what we do, you can’t possibly comprehend how easy it is to produce sustainable, high-level performances until you experience what we offer.
To take away any excuse for you not to experience consistently excellent results, we offer you your first Pro Pitching Experience for $10 for your first half hour.

We’ll open your Eyes.

We guarantee your first session will open your eyes and have you wanting to enroll as a Pro Pitching Institute member.

Your $10 monthly Member will include…

  • $10 virtual and in-person Pitching Lessons.
  • A collaborative app that’ll contain your personal pitching plan, allow you to revisit your pitcher/Coach interactions since joining the Institute and give you the ability to immediately send your video uploads/instant messages directly to your Coach.
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Leading-edge, cost-effective programs make you better than you ever dreamed possible!

You experience the same stellar pitching results through both our in-person and virtual formats.

Your First Institute Experience – Whether in-person or over your digital device, your first pitching session only costs $10.

Your Institute Membership - Once you’ve experienced the power of rearranging your movements, it’s a “no-brained” to become an Institute Member.   Your $10 monthly enrollment entitles you to unlimited $10 pitching lessons, $5 video analysis and a special app that gives you instant e-mail, text, phone and video access to the Pro Pitching Institute.

Want to be trained as a Pro Pitching Institute Master Coach? – If you’re a Pitching Coach, have a book of Pitchers and are looking for a stable Coaching opportunity, e-mail us your resume, a short paragraph telling us how you’d be an asset to our progrthem and a best time to call. We’ll give you a call to see whether we’d be good for each other.

Become a member today!