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Pitching Instruction isn't about mechanics!

Pitching Instruction is about understanding—and then manipulating—a Pitcher’s subconscious!

Pitching is about understanding—and then manipulating—how the Pitcher’s subconscious digests the sensory information a Pitcher (either on their own or through their Coach) creates. 

Pitching’s “holy grail” belongs to the person crazy enough to spend the years required to understand why and how the physical cues a Pitcher’s subconscious produces relates to the Pitcher’s results.  

Well, call me crazy! 

My two-decade long journey replicates subconscious patterns often enough to magically recreate sustainable pitching events with near-certainty.   

Tricking a Pitcher’s subconscious is an art. 

I know the core to every totally functional pitching motion is a stone-cold, rational event: 

What does the Pitcher (or their Coach) do to trick the Pitcher’s subconscious into producing exceptionally efficient and very sustainable athletic outcomes? 

Using your subconscious to produce sustainable results is not an option, it's an imperative!

Baseball Game

Your subconscious processes information 500,000 times faster than your conscious mind.  Unless you let your subconscious your movements into the top of your front leg lift keep your body in balance, your subconscious first uses your throwing arm for balance and then, when your subconscious no longer needs your throwing arm for balance, as a secondary action, you complete your delivery.

Risk-Free Instruction
core-driven pitchers locate their pitches

Moving down the mound makes it physically impossible to keep your hips connected to your upper body. The instant you move down the mound you use your throwing arm for balance and can't complete your motion until you no longer need your throwing arm for balance. Lower body engagement comes from a choreographed front leg lift putting your body in a position to trick your subconscious into producing. 

Our Edge
Virtual instruction works just as well as in-person instruction

Managing how your subconscious controls your reaction is as simple as someone pointing a digital phone in your direction. From thousands of miles away, Pitchers who ask for my help use readily apps that are consistent with their "on-the-go" life style to show me how their body reacts to their movements   These simple apps give me the timely information I need to produce remarkably sustainable, high-level results.

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Instead of your pitching Instructor guessing what you need to do, your subconscious gives me the answers you've been craving.

Let your subconscious determine where your pitches end up!

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I have a secret!

Unless a Pitcher consciously controls their subconscious, they never know where their next pitch will end up?

You already know about arm balance … You’re know you lose control of your arms when you jump on a balance beam, but, like most people, never thought to relate the way you lose control of your arm movements to your pitching motion. 

Your subconscious.
- Since your subconscious processes information 500,000 times faster than your conscious mind, you must satisfy your subconscious need for balance before you can make any consciously move your arms.
- Either a Coach you manipulate your subconscious to do what you want or you constantly battle your subconscious to make your body do what you want.

The worst thing a pitching Instructor (what it's you or your Coach) can do is completely deny or fully ignore that a Pitcher's subconscious controls over their actions.

… but have you ever thought about lower body balance? Only when your subconscious senses your center of balance is over the balance beam do you stop needing your arms for balance.  Not needing your arms for balance means you transfer your center of balance to your lower body and free your arms to move any way you want.

Manipulating your subconscious isn't about thinking you know what to change, it's about knowing what you must manage.

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