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Experience enhanced location, velocity and movement by choice, not by chance!!!

Successful Pitchers build their motion around their subconscious responses.

Consider the 4 ways your subconscious works.

  1. To your subconscious, the only real thing is your present position.  
    The good news is that you have complete and total control over your current body position.
  2. Your subconscious only acts in the present.
    Your subconscious only responds to your current position.
  3. Your subconscious always responds to the same positions in the same way.
    Predictable subconscious patterns are built into your brain and, depending upon your current position, determine your future movements.
  4. Your subconscious keeps your body in balance.
    Your current position combines with your predictable subconscious patterns to determine whether, moving forward, you use your arms or your lower body for balance.

Use your subconscious to your advantage.

In pitching, as your front foot hits the ground, successful subconscious management uses your lower body activity to place all your weight to your glove hand side .

Predictably, with all your weight to your glove hand side, you give your subconscious one and only one way to equalize your weight… apply a rotational force (your hips) to a stationary object (your throwing arm) to use a spontaneous throwing action to bring your body back in balance.

Here's the great news.

As a natural byproduct of using your lower body for balance, without any conscious effort, your subconscious spontaneously produces pinpoint command, enhanced velocity, much later ball movement and, no matter your grip or release, your Opponent thinks you’re throwing a fastball.

Baseball Game

Every adjustment gives you better location.
Beginning with your very first adjustment, as a subconscious reaction, your lower body begins to pull your throwing arm through a smaller and smaller release window and your worst misses end up much closer to your Catcher’s target.

Risk-Free Instruction
Pitchers and Catcher

You discover how to use your last pitch to self-coach yourself.
Since your instruction resolves the smallest inefficiency before it negatively impacts your performance, you walk away knowing how to use your results to make sure your next pitch execution gets your next pitch back to your Catcher's target, 

Our Edge
Pitcher vs. Hitter

No matter where you live, digital devices put us in your bullpen.
Your sustainably excellent  results come from  your subconscious reactions. By managing your subconsious reactions, seeing the way you react through a digital device is just as effective as standing next you to see how your body reacts to the positions you create.

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For sustainable pitching excellence!!

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About us.

When it comes to athletics, it's easy to get frustrated with what your body won't do. At Pro Pitching Institute, we use your subconscious responses to eliminate your frustrations.  We also use your easily recognized subconscious patterns to spot and resolve pitching problems that are proven to make your results less sustainable. We work with your body's natural motion—not against it—to help you use less effort to produce markedly better results … and, by the way, keep your Team close enough to win every time you take the mound.

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